Ex prison camp inmates in BiH welcome memorial for Kazani Pit Killings victims

NEWS 16.11.2021 13:50
Source: N1 BiH

The Association of Former Prison Camp Inmates of Bosnia and Herzegovina welcomed the unveiling of a memorial dedicated to the victims of the Kazani Pit Killings near Sarajevo.

The memorial was unveiled on Monday at the site where civilians, mostly ethnic Serbs, were killed by members of the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina between 1992 and 1993.


“The unveiling of a memorial plaque to the victims of crimes in Kazani, as a sign of remembrance and warning, once again shows which side sincerely wants and fights for the truth in BiH,” a statement by the Association said.

“But the systemic and institutional non-recognition of genocide, not allowing the erection of memorials at the Koricani Cliffs, Manjaca, Omarska, not allowing the commemoration of crimes in Dretelj, Heliodrom and the like, also clearly indicates those who knowingly cover up and bury these planned crimes in their communities,” the association said, referring to atrocities committed by other armies that took place across the country during the war.

The association argued that the 17 victims “were unjustly taken away and killed, are victims of people who also caused significant problems to the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the city of Sarajevo.”

“Unwillingness to admit the truth, persisting in lying and minimizing casualties on either side, is a serious obstacle to a better and healthier future for all peoples in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” it said.

“The Association of Former Prison Camp Inmates in Bosnia and Herzegovina calls on all parties to point out the injustice in their own ranks, and to enable the pure truth to come to light, because only this truth brings a good and better future for all peoples in BiH, regardless of which side did they belong to!” the statement reads.


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