FBiH authority: 95 out of 100 controversial ventilators verified and put to use

NEWS 23.02.2021 15:08
Source: N1

The verification and servicing process was completed for 95 out of a total of 100 ventilators that the Federation (FBiH) entity’s Civil Protection Administration (FUCZ) procured from China through the importer company "Srebrena Malina," FUCZ spokesperson Majda Kovac told N1 Tuesday, adding that there are five more left to be serviced, while the others have been put into operation.

“The verification process started in the cantonal hospital in Orasje, and then in Zenica, Sarajevo, Tuzla, Tesanj, Travnik, Nova Bila, Konjic, Gorazde, and Sanski Most. Ninety-five of them were put into operation, while the company Dermedical will perform the service for five more ventilators in order to eliminate technical errors and verify them,” said Kovac.

She pointed out that according to the manufacturer's specifications, this device can be used in both stationary and portable conditions.

“It is clearly stated that it can primarily be used as a stationary device in intensive care units and operating rooms, but also as a portable device in ambulances with the use of an oxygen bottle. This was stated by the director of the Institute for Measurement of BiH, Zijad Dzemic, whom the FUCZ contacted,” said Kovac.

The contract between Verlab and FUCZ was signed on February 11 this year, and the verification of the device began a day later.

The State Prosecution carried out an investigation into 5.2 million Euro-worth purchase of Chinese ventilators that involved the top officials of the FBiH Government, the Civil Protection Administration, and the Srebrena Malina company, which was a mediator in the process.

The prosecutors interviewed dozens of persons within the investigation.

It was established that the ventilators which Srebrena Malina – a fruit and vegetable processing company from the eastern town of Srebrenica – procured for the FBiH region do not meet the minimum requirements for treating Covid-19 patients.

Fadil Novalic, the Prime Minister of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina – one of the two country’s administrative regions – Fahrudin Solak, the former head of the FBiH Civil Protection Administration, and Fikret Hodzic and his company ‘Srebrena Malina’ (Silver Rasberry) now stand accused of corruption, misuse of office, money laundering, and document forgery, the State Prosecution Office said.

Novalic’s deputy Jelka Milicevic is accused of lack of commitment in office.


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