FBiH entity imposes moratorium on construction of mini hydro-power plants

NEWS 07.07.2022 17:24
Source: Shutterstock

The law on electricity, previously adopted by the House of Representatives, has now received the support of the House of Peoples of Bosnia’s Federation (FBiH) entity. It introduces a moratorium on the construction of mini hydro-power plants up to 10 megawatts.

Delegates from the Croat Democratic Union (HDZ BiH) and Democratic Action Party (SDA) said in the discussion that they were pressured by activists and that their social networks were cluttered.

Those who are in favour of building mini hydro-power plants and who believe that such a law would be harmful to BiH economy gathered in front of the parliament building Wednesday.

Ramo Gutic, one of the manufacturers of equipment for mini hydro-power plants from the Tuzla Canton, said that they gathered because of the announced ban on the construction of such plants.

“My company, which was engaged in the production of equipment for mini hydroelectric power plants, will no longer have business in the FBiH area if there is a ban on the construction of these plants. We will not even have electric energy from the planned 500 mini hydro-power plants, which means 2.5 TW/h of generated electricity, which covers the production of the Kakanj Thermal Plant. When the time comes for our thermal power plants to shut down, what will we use to produce electricity,” he asked.


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