FBiH Interior Minister: Sky app evidence led to BiH Intelligence Agency director

NEWS 09.11.2022 21:38
Source: Aljoša Čampara u Pressingu (N1)

The Interior Minister of Bosnia’s Federation (FBiH) entity Aljosa Campara spoke to N1 about the Sky messaging mobile application, which, as he stated, had already led to the director of the Intelligence and Security Agency (OSA) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Osman Mehmedagic. 

Campara said that no mafia can be stronger than the state and that it can never defeat the state.   

He recalled that in the past year, around 100 people were arrested thanks to revelations in the Sky app. 

“According to the information I have, first the Western countries, France as I got it, discovered the Sky app and then they handed it over to Europol and then to other police agencies in which they trust, and by this I mean to the Sarajevo Canton Police who are under the BiH Prosecutor's oversight. They didn't give it to the FBiH Police Administration, it's possible they don't trust them, some of their information was handed over to the Republika Srpska (RS) entity Interior Ministry, State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) and the BiH Border Police,” he stressed. 

Among those discovered to be connected to the Sky app are many police officers from various police agencies.   

“We are witnessing a phenomenon where we have institutions that are not doing their job properly and individuals from these institutions who cooperate with criminal organizations. The first indictments for this will soon be filed, we have strong evidence. It’s abnormal for a police officer to cooperate with certain drug dealers to provide them with information or advisors in the ministries [to do the same]. When the prosecution saw the money flows in the Sky app, it was a shocking discovery. As long as we have privatized intelligence and police institutions that don’t protect citizens but individuals from parties and politicians, and as long as you have diploma forgers at the head of those agencies, we are primarily talking about Osman Mehmedagic, the director of OSA, who forged about four diplomas and we've all known that for years. The Democratic Action Party (SDA) leader [Bakir Izetbegovic op.a.] still defends him by saying that he’s a patriot. He’s a patriot who forged diplomas and who sits with criminals in bars and drinks coffee [with them]. I don't have proof, but many have seen this,” Campara said. 

In his opinion, the Sky app has already brought them to Mehmedagic. 

“Because he is the one who is in constant communication with the two people who are under house arrest. Will the Sky app lead to the top of the SDA? So who appointed Mehmedagic to that position, if not the top, then the leader of that party, Bakir Izetbegovic. It's good that he brought him there, one can make mistakes, but it’s a shame that he still defends him. I think anyone who has anything to do with crime should be arrested,” Campara told N1. 

Speaking about criminal activities, he further stated that there are people, primarily employees of the Intelligence and Security Agency (OSA) of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who have never picked up their salaries and numerous analyses have shown this. 

“I’m talking about certain directors and officers, which is even worse, and I wonder what these people live off if they don't spend their salaries at all,” said Campara. 


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