FBiH miners continue production after the benefits decision

NEWS 29.09.2022 18:59
Source: Pixabay/Ilustracija

After the state-owned Elektroprivreda BiH power company signed the decision to pay its employees as well as all the coal miners in the group one-time benefits in the amount of 750 Bosnian marks (roughly € 380), the miners returned to the pits, N1 learned.

Elektroprivreda BiH told N1 previously that the mine administrations were ordered to make identical decisions and pay the same amount to their employees.

The FBiH Minister of Energy and Mining, Nermin Djindic told N1 earlier that he will hold a meeting with representatives of miners next week.

According to him, they are waiting for a specific date, but it is possible that there will be a meeting as early as Tuesday.

“…to find the best solution for the miners’ demands, both today's concerning the one-time aid that EP workers will also receive, but also negotiations on a new collective agreement, which was the reason for the recent short-term warning strike of the miners from the EP Group, considering that the current collective agreement expires by the end of the year,” Djindic said.

Sinan Husic, the president of the Independent Union of Mine Workers of the FBiH, told N1, that work has been suspended in the Breza, Zenica, Kakanj, Tuzla, and Kreka mines. Minutes after his statement, Zenica mines Raspotocje and Stara jama also began the strike.


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