Finnish team reconsidering World Cup qualifiers in Bosnia due to safety concerns

NEWS 08.11.2021 17:49
Source: N/FSBiH

Head of the Finnish Football Association Ari Lahti said ahead of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers game with the Bosnian team that the UEFA is closely following the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and that moving the game to a “neutral field” is an option, the Finnish media reported on Sunday.

The game that is scheduled for Saturday in the central Bosnian town Zenica comes amidst political crisis, sparked with the calls for secession of the Serb-majority region Republika Srpska and the reactions that followed.

Finnish web portal Yle reported that the international envoy in Bosnia and Herzegovina Christian Schmidt recently warned that the country is “in imminent danger of disintegration” and that “the threat of a new war is real.”

The same media outlet also noted that the town where the game is set to take place is situated in the Zenica-Doboj Canton, which borders the Serb-dominated entity.

“The European Football Association (UEFA) will certainly follow the situation closely. If the situation becomes such that it is not safe to play in Zenica, then I believe the UEFA will take action at that point,” the President of the Football Association Ari Lahti said.

As for the supporters, the Finnish will not be allowed in the stadium, not due to the political tensions but because of the coronavirus pandemic restrictions.


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