Firefighters battling with fires in several municipalities in southern Bosnia

NEWS 26.03.2022 18:42
Source: Screenshot/TW

Firefighters have been battling the blaze in eastern Herzegovina for over seven days but the most critical situation is in the Gacko villages of Slivlja, Dramesevo, Police, Ribari, but also in the town of Kunjak on the main road Gacko-Nevesinje.

The fire in Kunjak has threatened the transmission line, the road communication itself, but also the coniferous forest. Facilities in the mostly uninhabited village in Slivlje are endangered.

Firefighters with backpacks are putting out the fire, fighting with superhuman efforts where vehicles cannot approach because of the remaining snow in the mountainous place.
“That's why we had to carry water manually. The vehicles couldn’t access the area because of the snow,” the commander of the Gacko Fire and Rescue Unit, Aleksa Vuckovic, told N1.

The helicopter of the Republika Srpska (RS) entity Helicopter Service used to operate only in the area of Trebinje, and the problem is the proximity of the water reservoir.
For that reason, they have still not asked for the support of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bileća firefighters intervened in the area of the village of Bodenik, but the fire is spreading towards the villages of Sobadine and Gornji Mirilovici, but the houses and property of the locals are not threatened.

In the area of Trebinje, the fire in the village of Brani Do is under control, while the fire in Zupci is spreading towards the village, but for now, it is not a threat to the houses.


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