First monkeypox suspected case reported in Bosnia

NEWS 12.07.2022 17:11
Source: N1

Sarajevo University Clinical Centre accepted on Tuesday a patient, who might be the first one infected with the monkeyfox virus, the information was confirmed to the local media by the clinical centre general manager.

The patient was hospitalised on Tuesday after reporting the symptoms similar to those indicating the infection with the monkeypox virus.

“It is true that the patient was reported to the Clinic for Infectious Diseases with a clinical image that, based on the epidemiological data and the present symptoms, could go in favour of monkeypox. To have the complete diagnosis, appropriate samples were taken and sent for further microbiological processing, and the results are expected in the next 48 hours,” said Sebija Izetbegovic, the clinical centre general manager.

The neighbouring Serbia reported the first monkeypox case in June this year.


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