First visit of BiH officials to Ukraine since the beginning of Russian invasion

NEWS 30.08.2022 13:59
Source: Naša stranka

Sarajevo Canton Prime Minister Edin Forto and member of the Federation entity's House of Representatives Sabina Cudic have arrived in Kyiv as the first officials of Bosnia and Herzegovina who officially visited Ukraine since the beginning of Russian invasion.

“The state leadership of Bosnia and Herzegovina have not so far, and it had to, visit Ukraine,” Forto said in a critical tone.

“It is naïve to think that the fate of Ukraine is not connected to the balance of powers in the Western Balkans and within BiH, where Putin's proxies openly act and threaten with secession,” he added.

The multi-day visit includes meetings in the Ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs, as well as a tour of war-affected areas.

After a 15-hour train journey through Ukraine, they arrived in Kyiv on Tuesday morning, where they will immediately meet with officials in the Ukrainian government.

Cudic emphasised that the visit is aimed at expressing support to the country that is under Russian aggression.

“As the first BiH officials to visit the attacked Ukraine, we are here not only to express our support for the defense of Ukraine and Europe against Russian aggression, but also to position BiH as a very important country for European security and a country that must participate in decision-making in Brussels,” she stressed.

“This is our message to the European officials with whom we are visiting Ukraine: concessions to BiH nationalists are concessions to Putin,” she underlined.

Forto and Cudic are senior members of the Our Party.


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