Five wildfires active in Herzegovina-Neretva Canton

NEWS 30.03.2022 09:53
Source: FENA/Ilustracija

Three wildfires are active in the area of the Konjic municipality, in central Bosnia, on Bukove glave, on the Vrapče landfill and in Cicevo.

The fire that has been active in Hasanovici village for the last two days has been extinguished, the Operational Center for Civil Protection Administration of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton (HNK) announced.

A total of 33 wildfires were registered in the HNK on Tuesday, and in addition to the above mentioned three active fires, there are two other active bushfires in the Hutovo Blato Nature Park, in the area of Capljina, and the other one is in the area of Stolac.


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