FM sends demarche to Israeli Embassy over statement on electoral reform in BiH

NEWS 09.08.2022 13:02
Source: FENA

Bosnia’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Bisera Turkovic, sent a demarche to the Embassy of Israel saying that the Israeli Ambassador expressed support for electoral reform in BiH based on a model that would produce “discrimination” which was resolutely rejected by most of the parties in BiH’s Parliament.

Turkovic sent the diplomatic note after Israel’s Embassy issued a statement in which it touched upon the issue of electoral reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina and welcomed the proposal of changes to the election law backed by Bosnian Croat parties.


“Any support for electoral reform that would discriminate against the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina due to their ethnic or religious affiliation has been unequivocally rejected by the majority of parliamentary parties in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” the demarch said, among other things.

In its statement on Monday, the Israeli Embassy said that the State of Israel firmly believes that the 1995 Dayton Peace Agreement established “a sustainable system of power sharing between the constituent peoples and their political representatives” and that this must be respected and taken into account when considering solutions for the electoral law, “which must simultaneously ensure two key principles – equality and non-discrimination.”

One of the ways to maintain these key principles, it added, is through legitimate representation.

“In this regard, the Sejdic-Finci case (the ECHR's case treating the rights of minorities in the election process), as well as other judgments of the European Court of Human Rights, have yet to be implemented. Insufficient implementation remains a burden for BiH. In this sense, the readiness and proposals of the Croat side on changes in the electoral law are welcome,” it said.


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