FM Turkovic thanks NATO for support and its open door policy

NEWS 15.07.2021 17:47
Source: MVP BiH

Bosnia and Herzegovina's Euro-Atlantic road has brought an impetus and specific reforms in the country, Bosnian foreign minister Bisera Turkovic said on Thursday speaking in a meeting of the NATO North Atlantic Council in Brussels, and thanked for the support that the alliance has been providing to the country, especially during the pandemic.

“Let me express our deep gratitude to NATO and its open-door policy,” said Turkovic, adding that this proved to be a good tool for successful cooperation and solving of security risks and challenges.

“That's a true value of our partnership, an added value, because no country is capable of coping with so many challenges, especially at the same time, such as pandemic, natural disasters, organised crime, illegal migrations or any other security risks the world is faced with today,” she added.

The alliance member states expressed full support to territorial integrity and sovereignty of Bosnia and Herzegovina, its Euro-Atlantic road and strengthening of stability in the country and the region, said a statement issued by BiH Foreign Affairs Ministry.
Also, the member states expressed concern over the negative rhetoric of divisions and conflicts, failure to implement crucial reforms, and the importance of the presence of the international High Representative in BiH, who oversees the peace process in the country since the end of 1992-95 war.


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