Fmr commander of Bosnian Army gets 10 years for crimes against Serbs

NEWS 22.01.2021 09:47
Source: Ž

BiH Court sentences former commander of the Third Corps of the Army of Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ABiH) Sakib Mahmuljin to 10 years in prison for crimes against Serbs, in a first instance verdict, on Friday.

The Indictment states that during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, an armed conflict between the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Army of the Republika Srpska in the Zavidovici Municipality, the Accused Sakib Mahmuljin, who was then the Commander of the 3rd Corps of the Army of RBiH, within which was the “El Mujahidin” detachment, did not do anything to prevent members of the “El Mujahidin” detachment from committing war crimes against prisoners of war and Serb civilians during 1995 military operation of the RBiH Army in the wider area of Zavidovici and Vozuca, central Bosnia. The Prosecution also said he did nothing to punish the perpetrators afterwards.

The Indictment charges the accused Sakib Mahmuljin with the criminal offences of war crimes against prisoners of war, war crimes against the wounded and sick, and war crimes against civilians.


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