Fmr US Ambassador fears new conflicts in the Balkans

NEWS 07.10.2021 10:02
Source: William Montgomery

Former US Ambassador to Croatia and Serbia William Dale Montgomery told Croatian Radio and Television (HRT) he fears new conflicts in the Balkans considering none of the problems in the countries of the region has been solved.

“The problem is that it no longer attracts the world's attention. I think in the 1990s this was the main place in the world that our leaders focused on. This is no longer the case today, and I don’t believe that these states alone can address the issues that plague them. Feelings are so turbulent on all sides that I don't see a solution,” said Montgomery in a guest appearance on HRT.

He added that he feels the EU is not providing the necessary help and support to the Balkans the way it should.

“I think the people here are somehow lagging behind other European countries in their views. We mustn’t forget that Germany and France had been at war for centuries and only stopped fighting after World War II. This will happen to this region as well, but it will take time. However, most importantly, this will require the help of the European Union in the first place, because this region cannot succeed on its own. It needs the full support of the West, the US and the EU for these changes to happen over time,” Montgomery said.


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