Foreign Min official denies Russia's claims about BiH “mercenaries” in Ukraine

NEWS 18.06.2022 18:14
Source: N1

Denis Hadzovic, the head of the cabinet of Bosnia’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Bisera Turkovic, told N1 that the ministry does not have information that would confirm Russia’s claim that 167 “mercenaries” from BiH fought alongside Ukrainian forces.

N1 asked Hadzovic about the data published by Russia’s Foreign Affairs Ministry on Saturday, which said that 167 BiH nationals had arrived in Ukraine since February 24, 51 of them were killed, 46 left the country, and 70 are allegedly still there.


Hadzovic said this “one-sided” information coming from Russia was not officially confirmed.

“Our embassy, as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of BiH, do not have any information that would confirm these allegations,” Hadzovic said, repeating previous statements by BiH’s Foreign Ministry which denied similar claims coming from Russia in the past.

Neighbouring Croatia also denied the figures the Russian Defence Ministry published.