Foreign Ministry condemns as ‘inappropriate’ Bosnian Serb ambassadors’ letter

NEWS 28.02.2022 21:39
Source: N1

Bosnian Foreign Affairs Ministry condemned and assessed as “inappropriate” the announcement by the Serb ambassadors and consuls general representing Bosnia and Herzegovina abroad that they would not mark March 1 as the Independence Day of BiH.

The ministry recalled that the Independence Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina was determined by the Law on Declaring March 1 as the Independence Day of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina from March 30, 1995, which is still in force, although the country's official name was changed into Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Also, the ministry said, the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina rejected as ungrounded the motion for the assessment of constitutionality of the aforementioned law, passed by 30 members of the entity parliament of Bosnia's Serb-majority region, Republika Srpska.

Commenting on the allegations from the letter signed by a part of the Serb ambassadors, who called the holiday “non-existent,” the ministry said that such claims are “absolutely ungrounded, inaccurate and malicious.”

“Obeying the Constitution and law is the obligation of all of us. Since the new law on holidays has not been passed, we are obliged to obey and act in accordance with the current law, which creates a legitimate obligation for the Ministry to promote the rights guaranteed by the Constitution and international law on promoting the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity,” the ministry said.

It was also noted that by sending their letter, the ambassadors directly violated the code of public appearances passed in April 2004.


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