Former Croatian President: Biden's US presidency will be good for our region

NEWS 21.01.2021 17:20
Source: N1

Former US President Donald Trump “created chaos which we will be recovering from for a long time” but Joe Biden’s term will mark “a new beginning” for US-EU cooperation and have a positive effect on the Western Balkans, former Croatian President, Stjepan Mesic, told N1 on Thursday.

“I expect that America's policy towards our region will be positioned differently now because President Biden knows Europe, the world and our region well. I expect a positive shift,” Mesic said.


“Trump has created chaos which we will be recovering from for a long time. I expect President Biden to look for friends in the world, not enemies,” he said.

The former Croatian president stressed that he has confidence in the policy of the new US President.

“I expect that this will be a new beginning for the cooperation between the United States and the EU, but also a relaxation of the trade war with China,” he said, adding that he expects Biden’s “constructive policy” to result in the US being a country “in which democracy triumphs.”


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