Former UN peacekeeper seeks to reconnect with a kid from Mostar

NEWS 05.07.2022 13:21
Source: Twitter

A Twitter user, Irene Pujol, has used this social network with over 200 million users to find a girl from Mostar whom Pujol's father met while he was on a peacekeeping mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1993.

An image shows Pujol's father as the UN peacekeeper in the southern city of Mostar and a little girl, Alisa, one of the kids he used to play with.

Today, twenty-nine years later he expressed a wish to reconnect with the girl.

“Can we do some Twitter magic? Back in 1993, my dad went on his 1st mission as a UN peacekeeper in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since then, he has often thought about the kids that used to play w/ them, especially this girl: Alisa. I would ❤️love for them to meet again. Can you RT 2 see if we find her?,” his daughter wrote, inviting other Twitter users to help her.


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