Four-year-old son of suspected Bosnian ISIS fighter passed away at Al-Hawl camp

NEWS 03.12.2021 16:15
Djeca u sirijskom izbjegličkom kampu
Source: Djeca u sirijskom izbjegličkom kampu (OMAR HAJ KADOUR / AFP)

Four-year-old Ibrahim Babic, the son of a Bosnian suspected ISIS fighter, passed away after he was hit by a fuel tanker in November in the Al-Hawl refugee camp in Syria where family members of suspected ISIS fighters are being kept, Radio Free Europe reported.

The information about the boy's death was confirmed by the Rojava Information Center, an independent organization that has insight into the situation in the camps.

Four-year-old Ibrahim and his mother, who is from Indonesia, have been staying at Al-Hawl since 2019.
His father, Edvin Babic from Sarajevo, is one of the people who were arrested in March 2019 in Baghouz, the last stronghold of the militant group. The suspected ISIS members and their families were either arrested or surrendered to Kurdish forces and the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS. The men were taken to prisons and the women and children to several camps.

There are some 60,000 people from nearly 60 countries staying at the Al-Hawl camp currently. In addition to the families of the suspected ISIS fighters, refugees and displaced persons also live in the camp. Among them are BiH citizens with children.

Radio Free Europe has information on about a hundred people, most of them children. It is estimated that 360 people left BiH for Syria and Iraq and it remains unknown how many children, whose parents are BiH citizens, were born in these countries.


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