German MP: HDZ's sister party voted for the Resolution on BiH

NEWS 12.07.2022 13:55
Source: N1

The Resolution on Bosnia and Herzegovina that the Bundestag adopted on Friday is not a Resolution of Adis Ahmetovic or Boris Mijatovic, but of the majority of deputies in the German Parliament, the German Western Balkans rapporteur said Tuesday commenting on accusations that it is one-sided in relation to BiH.

“The Resolution received the support of the majority and ruling parties, as well as the opposition – 80% of Bundestag members voted in favour of that Resolution. The sister party of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) and HDZ BiH voted for that resolution – CDU-CSU,” Ahmetovic said, commenting on the comments caused by his speech on Friday, in which he said that “the concept of constituent peoples in BiH has failed.”

The Bundestag MP added that no country in Europe has such a system as BiH noting that 27 years after the war, BiH cannot adopt 14 priorities, three of which are reform laws in order to fulfil the conditions that the EU has put before BiH.

“I am quoting EU Special Representative to BiH Johann Sattler, who clearly said that the path to the EU is blocked in the House of Peoples by HDZ BiH and the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD) – that is completely clear. German MP’s think that any other European system would be better for BiH than the current one,” Ahmetovic said.

Ahmetovic has been in BiH since Saturday, and on Tuesday he met with BiH Defence Minister Sifet Podzic, with whom he discussed the arrival of 50 German soldiers in the EUFOR ALTHEA mission. But also about the possible fate of the EUFOR mission.

“If in November Russia decides to veto the continuation of the EUFOR mission, the Russian ambassador said that if Bosnia and Herzegovina decides to join NATO, it could end up like Ukraine. If that happens, there is a possibility through the Dayton Agreement that the BiH Presidency will call for NATO to join BiH, to ensure security in BiH even after November,” said Ahmetovic.

Ahmetovic will continue his visit to the countries of the region. The plan is to visit Macedonia, but also Albania.


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