Govt of Bosnia's RS entity wants to propose a new Law on Immovable Property

NEWS 25.09.2022 18:12
Source: N1

The Government of Bosnia’s Republika Srpska (RS) entity said it will propose a new Law on Immovable Property to the RS National Assembly after the BiH Constitutional Court invalidated the current law.

The statement by the RS Government said that the Constitutional Court's decision to annul the current law was politically motivated and unconstitutional.


“With the aim of protecting the property of the Republika Srpska and determined to preserve the legal security of all citizens and institutions of the RS, which has been severely damaged by this decision of the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republika Srpska will adopt a new law on immovable property,” the statement said.

“With the adoption of the new law, the property of the Republika Srpska will remain the property of the Republika Srpska, as it was decisively and unequivocally established by the Dayton Peace Agreement, and there is not a single court that can dispute the right of the RS to be the owner of its property,” the statement added.

In ruling on Thursday, BiH’s Constitutional Court annulled the Law on Immovable Property the RS adopted earlier, ruling that the semi-autonomous entity does not have the constitutional authority to decide on the matter which is under the jurisdiction of the state.


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