Greens/EFA in the EP: EU must take the lead in finding a solution to BiH crisis

NEWS 23.11.2021 17:10
Source: N1

The Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament called on the EU to “take the lead in finding a political solution” to the ongoing political crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina, ahead of the EP session where the situation in the country will be discussed.

“Any political agreement must not further deepen ethnic divisions,” the statement by the Greens/EFA Group said.


Tineke Strik MEP, Greens/EFA Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee who recently visited Bosnia, said that the EU and its member states “have a responsibility to guarantee the Dayton Peace Agreement and to ensure the security and territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

She stressed that the situation in BiH is “the most serious crisis since the war in the 1990s.”

The EU must “stand firm” against the secessionist actions of BiH Presidency member Milorad Dodik and others and support a lasting solution to the current crisis, “which does not further deepen or cement ethnic divisions,” she said.

“The EU and its Member States should impose targeted sanctions against Dodik and others seeking to undermine the territorial integrity of Bosnia. The EU should not make any concessions towards ethno-nationalist leaders who bear the responsibility for the crisis. Peace and stability in the Western Balkans is non-negotiable and the EU and its Member States must live up to their responsibilities towards all citizens of the country and the whole region,” Strik said.


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