HDZ BiH calls on EU/US to ‘prevent Bosniaks from blocking Bosnia's FBiH entity’

NEWS 20.12.2021 13:16
Source: HDZ BiH

The strongest Bosnian Croat party, the Croat Democratic Union (HDZ BiH) asked the EU and US to prevent Bosniaks from blocking the functioning of the country’s Federation entity, at its regular leadership session on Monday.

The party adopted the following conclusions:

1. We call on all political parties in BiH to take political responsibility in a situation where their actions call into question the future of the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Urgent resumption of negotiations on amendments to the Election Law is a necessary precondition for stabilization and the continuation of BiH's Euro-Atlantic path.

2. We thank the US / EU international partners for their efforts in the negotiation process and encourage them to use a more proactive approach to prevent further blockades by Bosniak parties in the Federation (FBiH) entity. We believe that the presentation of maximalist demands and aspirations for radical changes to the Constitution that are contrary to the General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina and its Annex IV, allow for further political destabilization.

3. We condemn unitarian and separatist policies that degrade the continuation of the political dialogue. The conflict between these two concepts, which is culminating today, is equally disintegrating the state of BiH and deepening divisions. The rhetoric of threat, fear and conflict they use is absolutely unacceptable and we strongly condemn it this way.

4. The constituency of the three peoples and their legitimate representation is the foundation of the Dayton-Paris Peace Agreement. Any attempts to derogate from the constituency that the BiH Constitutional Court has described as the overriding principle, as well as attacks on legitimate political representation, mean undermining the BiH constitutional order and the Dayton Accords. All anomalies of the political system that are reflected through discrimination and political outvoting must be eliminated and harmonized through the reform of electoral legislation.


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