HDZ BiH leader Covic and Croatian Foreign Minister discuss situation in BiH

NEWS 02.02.2021 13:58
Source: FENA

Bosnia’s Deputy Speaker of the House of Peoples and Croat Democratic Union (HDZ BiH) party leader Dragan Covic met with Croatia’s Foreign Minister Gordan Grlic-Radman on Tuesday in the south Bosnian city of Mostar and assessed that the country’s Euro-Atlantic path has no alternative and that Croatia is the country supports it the most.

“We want to help Bosnia’s Euro-Atlantic path, but that is why it is necessary to change the Election Law in BiH. Of course, if a Euro-Atlantic path is desired, then the next step is to obtain the candidate status, and as a member of the European Union Croatia will certainly have a constructive role in this in order to realize that desired dream as soon as possible,” said Minister Grlic-Radman.

Grlic-Radman commented on the migrant crisis, saying that Bosnia and Croatia should manage it together, with the help of European Union institutions. He also welcomed and supported the change to the BiH Election Law, saying it would eliminate all forms of inequality and discrimination.

Covic told reporters that he had informed Minister Grlic-Radman about all the current affairs in Bosnia.

“I thank the Minister for our communication, which in the last two or three years is truly commendable, for everything that is happening in Bosnia and Herzegovina and our European path, because the Republic of Croatia encourages us the most in our Euro-Atlantic integration process,” Covic said.

According to Covic, he informed the Croatian Minister in detail about the situation in the country, the migrant crisis, the current political situation, the SDA-HDZ BiH inter-party agreement, the elections in Mostar and the epidemiological situation.

He expressed satisfaction with the recent establishment of the Mostar City Council and the election of Mostar's Mayor, expressing confidence that it will be HDZ BiH’s candidate Mario Kordic.


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