HDZ BiH leader, EU ambassador discuss electoral reform in Bosnia

NEWS 03.06.2021 15:57
Source: HDZ BiH

Dragan Covic, the leader of the Croat Democratic Party (HDZ BiH), and Johann Sattler, the head of the European Union Delegation in Bosnia and Herzegovina met on Thursday to discuss the situation in the country with a focus on electoral reform and the country's EU path.

According to an HDZ BiH statement, Covic emphasised that 2021 is a crucial opportunity to achieve long-term stability and to solve the problems that were neglected for a long time.

He said the changes to the Election Law can no longer be postponed and welcomed the strong engagement of the European and international partners towards this goal.

“Legitimate representation of constituent peoples and absolute respecting of their rights are a fundamental component for the functioning and development of BiH and are, therefore, unquestionable,” the statement quoted Covic as saying.

As for the political agreement on electoral regulations in the southern city of Mostar, signed a year ago, the Croat leader said the signed deals must be fully implemented, which will prove “democratic maturity and commitment to European principles and joint action.”

“This is a crucial moment to prove our commitment to the European path and non-discrimination in our society,” he added.

The EU ambassador briefly commented on the meeting, noting that he and Covic discussed the key priorities from the European Commission's Opinion on BiH's membership application, electoral reform, economic recovery, and vaccine delivery.


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