Head of BiH Handball Federation said Sarajevo's ‘Muslim war flags’ disgust him

NEWS 12.05.2022 14:27
Source: N1

The President of the Handball Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Marinko Umicevic, shocked the BiH public once more by telling the Banja Luka based ATV that he was disgusted with Sarajevo and that he would not go to the matches as long as the "Muslim war flags" were displayed during games.

“I was disgusted with Sarajevo and I feel threatened there because we experienced unpleasant scenes. I haven’t been there and I won’t go to national team matches as long as there are ‘Muslim war flags’ in the stands and as long as there are flags of the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. I am surprised that ‘our people’ are playing there and I can't understand that someone is playing for the BiH national team and that thousands of war flags are displayed there, with shouts ‘kill the Serb, slaughter the Serb’,” Umicevic told ATV.

Umicevic has earlier made inappropriate statements to the public, and after Ivica Obrvan resigned as BiH national team coach Umicevic told N1 that the Federation does not Obrvan anything.
Obrvan resigned in March saying that the Handball Federation failed to fulfil his requests for the team and that the other reason were Umicevic’s earlier media statements because of which his attorney will contact the BiH Football Federation.


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