Head of OSCE in BiH: Intl community in no position to finance elections

NEWS 16.05.2022 14:49
Source: F.Z./N1 (Kathleen Kavalec)

The International community is in no position to fund Bosnia's general elections, the Head of the OSCE Mission to BiH, Ambassador Kathleen Kavalec said visiting the Walter Sarajevo Hotel Monday, where Ukrainian refugees are accommodated.

While there with international and local officials, she referred to the October elections in BiH called by the Central Election Commission (CEC).

The Council of Ministers of BiH has not yet provided the money, and the deadline is May 19, 2022.

“As far as we as an organization are concerned, the obligation to conduct regular and timely elections is one of the key obligations that BiH has undertaken as a member of the OSCE. We welcome the move of the CEC, which called the elections, and [we hope] that the BiH Council of Ministers will allocate the funds needed to organize the elections on time. First of all, I don’t want to speculate about what will happen in the future, but the competent BiH authorities are obliged to use the funds at their disposal to organize elections, and the international community is not in a position to bear those costs,” Kavalec said.


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