‘Heart of David’ returned to site where Dragicevic's body was found

NEWS 07.07.2021 20:53
Source: N1

Members of the ‘Justice for David’ group, who have been demanding the truth behind the unresolved 2018 murder of 21-year-old David Dragicevic for years, took a peaceful protest walk through Banja Luka and returned an improvised memorial dedicated to the young man to the place where his body was found.

In March 2018, police found the lifeless body of David Dragicevic, 21, in a river near Banja Luka, the administrative centre of Bosnia's Serb-majority region of Republika Srpska (RS).


A few days later, a pathologist told the media that the cause of death was likely drowning and that Dragicevic had taken drugs. The press conference sparked a series of protests, especially since another autopsy performed on David’s body showed a different time of death.

The case was later reclassified into murder.

The Justice for David members, led by Dragicevic’s mother, Suzana Radanovic, marked 1,200 days since their first protest with a peaceful walk from the Krajina Square to the place where Dragicevic’s body was found.

They returned the ‘Heart of David’, as well as a photo of the young man, to the site.

The memorial was previously removed on an order by local authorities.


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