Heavy rain left villages and towns flooded in central Bosnia (PHOTO)

NEWS 06.11.2021 12:24
Source: N1

Water is withdrawing from Sarajevo’s suburbs that were flooded on Friday after heavy rain caused rivers and creeks to swell and burst their banks. The water wave moved further down the river flows and flooded villages and towns in central Bosnia.

Hundreds of people were evacuated in the southwestern suburbs of the capital, where two rivers – Bosna and Zeljeznica – meet. The water cut roads, jeopardized bridges and caused electricity outages. Almost the entire city had no electricity for hours on Friday.


Civil Protection spokeswoman, Majda Kovac, told N1 on Saturday that the situation is now stable around Sarajevo but that further down south a village near Konjic was cut off.

“Five families were accommodated in a local mosque. Efforts to unblock that road are still ongoing in order to gain access to the village, and electricity is being restored. People are also engaged in unblocking the Konjic-Borci and Borci-Kalinovik roads. All teams are on the field,” Kovac said.

Civil Protection teams and firefighters have been working around the clock to create barriers and evacuate people. Three teams have been deployed to pull out machines from the only oxygen-filling station in order not to disrupt the oxygen supply to hospitals that are still in need due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Kovac said that the water level is dropping but rising at the same time in central Bosnia down the flow of the Bosna river.

Overnight, the Bosna river flooded small areas around its banks in Zenica and rescuers put sandbags along the bank near residential areas.



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