High Rep Christian Schmidt meets Serbian President and Patriarch in Belgrade

NEWS 09.09.2021 11:15
Source: Facebook/Aleksandar Vučić

International Community’s High Representative to BiH Christian Schmidt met Wednesday with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church Profirije during his official visit to this country.

The topics of the meeting with Vucic were not announced earlier. This meeting is held just after Schmidt’s statements regarding BiH’s Election Law and the manner of election of its presidency members which caused a great deal of controversy on the Bosnian public.

Serbia’s Vucic praised Schmidt on several occasions saying he is an influential politician.

Source : OHR

High Representative Christian Schmidt also used this opportunity to meet with His Holiness, Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Porfirije. During his visit to Belgrade, the High Representative exchanged thoughts and perspectives with the Patriarch about the region. It was agreed they will remain in contact.


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