Hina: Bosnia’s state IT systems disabled for two weeks now due to cyber attack

NEWS 23.09.2022 14:53
Source: Unsplash

Thousands of employees in Bosnia and Herzegovina's state institutions have not been able to do their job for more than two weeks now because a cyber attack has made them unable to access their computer networks, Croatian state agency Hina said on Friday, citing local media.

“The cyber attacks started on 9 September, and since then the malware, which has still not been identified, has blocked all data stored in servers in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s parliament,” Hina said.

IT specialists have been called in to fix the system, but without much success so far. The head of the IT service in the parliament told the Banja Luka-based Nezavisne Novine daily that the malware is being removed, but he still cannot assess how long it will take.

“This has been the most serious cyber attack so far. We are not the only target. Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Presidency and the Council of Ministers have been targeted too. An investigation is underway. The whole security system is being engaged,” Hina cited him as saying, without revealing his name.

The first hacking assault was registered on 9 September immediately after the country’s Intelligence and Security Agency (OSA) issued a warning about possible attacks in the future.


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