HoP Speaker: BiH's Ambassador shouldn't have attended Putin's Victory Day event

NEWS 09.05.2022 19:46
Source: SRNA

According to the Speaker of Bosnia’s House of Representatives, Denis Zvizdic, Bosnia’s Ambassador to Russia should not have attended the Victory Day celebration in Moscow as he “does not represent the official policy of Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

BiH Ambassador to Russia, Zeljko Samardzija, attended a large military parade in Moscow, marking Russia's Victory over Fascism Day in World War II.

Russia did not invite foreign state representatives to the parade but it did send invitations to seven ambassadors, including Samardzija and Serbia's Ambassador to Russia, Momcilo Babic.

Most European countries have imposed sanctions on Russia for its aggression against Ukraine. Along with Serbia, BiH is one of the few countries that has not decided to do so.

Zvizdic told N1 that Ukraine is the country which defends the whole of Europe and democratic forces today.

“The BiH ambassador should not have been at the gathering today,” Zvizdic said, adding that he believes that western countries are aware that Samardzija’s attendance represents a clear message for BiH Presidency member, Milorad Dodik.

“The ambassador is not a representative of the official policy of BiH, which has clearly stated that it opposes Russian aggression. He is just a puppet of (Vladimir) Putin and the Kremlin in BiH. I think that such puppets will soon be defeated, the democratic world has understood the danger posed by the war in Ukraine,” Zvizdic said.


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