Ilic: You can’t expect a successor regime to the ‘90 regime to condemn Russia

NEWS 26.02.2022 13:48
Source: N1

Pescanik web portal columnist Dejan Ilic told N1 Saturday that the situation in Ukraine seems quite simple to him - "one country attacked another for no reason, the story that Ukraine was a threat is ridiculous, Russia is stamping over Ukraine," he said.

He added that the situation looks like a hint of a great war.

“There is a much scarier story behind Ukraine, if that is the case, there are many unknowns, then it is best to follow the principles, it’s logical to stand with the victim. We are on the verge of a wider conflict, you can hardly be neutral. Maybe our government is waiting to change its position, they will change their positions overnight. We are constantly leaning towards the stronger, yes – we are small, powerless, it doesn't matter what we think because we are already irrelevant. Let's stick to the principle, we can't help, but we said something,” he said.

“This affects me in various ways, you cannot expect the regime that is the successor to the regime from the 1990s to condemn Russia,” said Ilic.

He concluded that the government was wrong, but that it will not impose sanctions.

“If this regime thinks that what Russia has done is good, they should openly say why that is. When you look at the regime media, you see that this is Serbia's position. The media is looking forward to the disintegration of Ukraine, how can they look forward to that? It is beyond my power to comprehend that at all,” the columnist noted.


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