Improvised tent hospital for refugees set up at the Ukraine-Poland border

NEWS 13.03.2022 15:25
Source: N1

An improvised hospital with a special heated tent was set up in the area of Dorohusk near the Ukraine-Poland border where doctors and nurses work day and night to admit Ukrainian refugees. While it is currently not possible to obtain permits to enter the area, N1 managed to get in touch with the workers there through the BiH Embassy in Warsaw.

One of the medical workers involved explained that this hospital provides various health services to people of all ages and that they manage to treat 20 to 30 people a day.
Those who arrive at the hospital get warm drinks and are provided with a place to warm up. The medical workers then treat their injuries.

Children are usually given food of high nutritional value, and they often come because of a cold or an infection, he explained.

As for adults, he explained that stressful situations among refugees also lead to heart attacks, and in such cases, emergency care is provided in these tents.

“We want to further develop this project with our ambulances now… to help these families,” he said.

The project came to life last Sunday thanks to a citizens’ initiative coordinated by the Podlasie Aniołowie Foundation.

According to a Facebook post the director of the organisation posted at the time, the hospital was set up in three hours.

“It was possible thanks to you, for the money we've collected at the foundation's sub-account dedicated to helping Ukraine,” he said, as reported by TVN24.


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