Incumbent Head of Srebrenica Municipality convinced in election victory

NEWS 21.02.2021 21:08
Source: N1

Mladen Grujicic, the incumbent Head of Srebrenica Municipality and the Serb candidate for this post in the October 2020 local election and now again in the repeat vote in this town, said his electoral victory was first declared on November 15 and again today.

He dismissed the statements by the Bosniak rival coalition representatives, who said their election boycott was “successful,” noting that more than 200 Bosniaks cast their ballots on Sunday in the election that is being repeated due to irregularities reported after the October 2020 election.

“There were threats and blackmailing on the other side. You will hear it from the Bosniaks who report that. I never told any of my staff to vote, I openly called on all Bosniaks to do so because I believe that would be a good move for them. And finally, I guarantee you that the Bosniaks will have to accept the mandates they won,” said Grujicic in his first statement after the polls closed on Sunday at 7 pm.

Asked what would happen if they still do reject their mandates, Grujicic replied it would be a message for the Bosniaks that their leadership has abandoned them.

“Nothing is going to happen to them if there are no Bosniak representatives around,” he added.

According to Grujicic, his victory will be even more convincing this time.

Bosnia’s top electoral authority announced that the first preliminary incomplete results of the repeat vote in Srebrenica, as well as the City of Doboj, will be available at midnight.


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