Instigator of migrant riot in BiH camp Blazuj to be returned to Serbia

NEWS 22.01.2021 12:57
blazuj, migranti
Source: N1

The migrant who caused the riot in Blazuj Camp near Bosnia's capital will be returned to Serbia from which he came, the country's Service for Foreigners' Affairs said for N1, Friday.

When N1 asked for the exact reason behind this decision, director of the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs Slobodan Ujic said: “it's because the person is prone to conflicts.”

He also confirmed that after the Iranian who caused the conflict was apprehended, five more migrants from the Blazuj camp were transferred to the Immigration Centre in East Sarajevo.

“This number is not final,” Ujic noted.

Over 3,000 migrants located in the Blazuj Migrant camp near Sarajevo started rioting on Wednesday evening after employees of the International Organisation for Migrations (IOM) tried to remove one of the migrants, allegedly a ringleader, from the camp for causing trouble. The migrants rebelled then which forces the IOM to call the police. After the riot was over, two police officers were injured and a police car was overturned.

Sarajevo Canton police continued investigating the said incident in order to identify the main perpetrators so they could be handed over to the Prosecution.

The police also said they are reinforcing the camp security to prevent further riots and provide additional protection of local residents.


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