Istocno Sarajevo mayor announces criminal complaint over film ‘Sarajevo Safari’

NEWS 13.09.2022 11:54
Source: RSE/N1

The mayor of Istocno Sarajevo (East Sarajevo), Ljubisa Cosic, announced that he will file a criminal complaint against the Slovenian director Miran Zupanic, arguing that his documentary ‘Sarajevo Safari’ is full of “lies and fabrications.”

The film ‘Sarajevo Safari’ is a story about rich foreigners who allegedly paid money for the opportunity to shoot civilians in the besieged city from territory controlled by the Army of Republika Srpska. It was recently screened in Sarajevo.

“Colleagues watched a film which, it has now been confirmed after the screening, is full of lies, devoid of facts. We are going to prepare a criminal report against Zupanic,” Cosic told Glas Srpske.

“We will demand that the witnesses whose faces were censured be exposed,” he said.

According to Zupanic, Belgrade was the starting point for “adventurers” who went on a “man-hunting safari” during the war in BiH, and their victims were civilians. He also claims that, according to some testimonies, individuals from the ranks of the Serbian Army and the Yugoslav Army also participated in the organization of the “safari”.


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