January 2 Day of Mourning in Bosnia over death of eight teenagers in Posusje

NEWS 01.01.2021 17:59
Source: N1

Bosnia's Council of Ministers declared January 2, 2021 as a Day of Mourning in the country at its 41st extraordinary telephone session Friday, over to the tragic death of eight teenagers from the Municipality of Posusje, southern Bosnia, who most likely died of gas asphyxiation.

The Bosnian Government added that the decision was adopted unanimously.

Eight teenagers from the south-Bosnian town of Posusje were found dead Friday morning after their friends broke into the house to see why they did not respond to phone calls. Posusje residents told N1 the youths that found the eight teenagers heard a power generator in the house working, which is why they suspect exhaust gas to be the cause of asphyxiation.

Local authorities confirmed the death of eight teenagers but refused to speculate on the cause of death.

Earlier on Friday, the Government of Bosnia's Federation entity declared January 4 a Day of Mourning.