January protests vs division and conflict in BiH in Brussels and other EU cities

NEWS 27.12.2021 15:49
Source: BiH-EU

Brussels will host a protest against the division and conflict in BiH on January 10, within the Schuman square, which will be organized by the roof organisation of BiH citizens’ associations – the BiH Platform Association from the Netherlands and the protest organizing board.

Given the current political and security situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the organizers say it is necessary for citizens of Bosnian origin living abroad to organize public announcements in protest of constant and serious attacks on the constitutional order of BiH, as well as the possible threat to peace caused by radical and illegal decisions and policies.

“Monday, January 10 was symbolically chosen because it is the first real working day after the holidays in 2022 and at the same time the day after the celebration of the unconstitutional, unilateral establishment of the so-called ‘Serb Republic of BiH’ in 1992. The event will take place in Brussels, the seat of the European Union institutions. We invite our citizens around the world to join us and organize similar rallies in their communities,” they point out.

Source : Facebook

The goal is to gather as many Bosnians and Herzegovinians as possible, but also other citizens of European countries in Brussels and Belgium, as well as the Netherlands, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Great Britain, Luxembourg and Austria, and other countries.


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