Josep Borrell: I assure BiH citizens of EU's commitment to country's stability

NEWS 16.03.2022 11:05
Source: Faruk Zametica/N1

The presence of EUFOR’s mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina is of key importance for maintaining the country’s security, EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell said Wednesday in Sarajevo.

“In this conflict between the rule of law and the rule of strength, we see a good reminder of the need to preserve peace. Sometimes, in order to preserve the peace, you have to show strength. In this conflict, the world stands united with 141 UN member states demanding an immediate end to the Russian aggression,” Borell said.

Source : Faruk Zametica/N1

“At this crucial moment, EUFOR’s presence on the ground in ensuring security is extremely important. It’s even more important than ever. For that reason, we have doubled our presence. We have further strengthened our presence and at this moment I assure the citizens of BiH that our firm commitment is to preserve the stability of BiH,” the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy of the European Union, said.

He noted that the importance of peace and security is indisputable and each of us has a role to play in preserving them.

“Thirty years ago the situation here was much worse. We have inherited from our ancestors the past with its pros and cons. Our role is to support the victims and punish the perpetrators. Your role in all of this is irreplaceable,” Borrell added.

He urged the local leaders to work together, unblock the state institutions and join forces and use all economic potentials at their disposal but also to fight against corruption.

“That’s why, at this solemn hour, almost 30 years after the beginning of the siege of Sarajevo, in the presence of members of Operation ALTHEA, I call on elected state officials and parliamentarians to work together to find solutions and work together within state institutions,” said Borrell.

The EU envoy will meet with representatives of the authorities in BiH, as well as with representatives of opposition parties and civil society during his Wednesday visit to the country.

Source : N1

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