Judge Kees van der Weide welcomes dismissal of BiH's Chief Prosecutor

NEWS 24.09.2021 18:39
Source: LinkedIn

Dutch judge Kees van der Weide, an advisor in Bosnia’s top judicial institution, the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council (HJPC), welcomed the decision of the institution to dismiss Bosnia’s Chief Prosecutor, Gordana Tadic, and told N1 that he considers the move “extremely courageous.”

“I think this is an extremely brave decision of the HJPC. I hope that this will be a precedent and a decision that says that the response to violations of integrity will be the greatest penalties – a policy of zero tolerance,” he said.


“This decision puts a lot of pressure on the appellate panel in the case against the Chief Prosecutor of BiH. It is good that this pressure exists,” he added.

The first-instance disciplinary commission of the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council (HJPC) dismissed Tadic and downgraded her to the position of a state prosecutor due to offences related to the automatic assignment of criminal cases and security checks.

Tadic stands accused of “negligence in performing official duties” and “failure, for unjustified reasons, to comply with the decisions, orders or requests of the Council.”

Tadic’s dismissal was confirmed by the second instance Disciplinary Commission of the HJCP on Thursday.


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