Killer of war criminal Marko Radic convicted to 17 years

NEWS 19.01.2022 13:24
Source: Foto: Avaz

The Cantonal Court in Mostar sentenced Josip Cvitanovic aka Cviki (47) to 17 years in prison for killing Marko Radic aka Mak (61), a convicted war criminal, with shots from an automatic rifle in Mostar on November 9, 2020. He also received five months in prison for possession of a weapon.

Prosecutor of the Prosecutor's Office of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, Zeljko Rezo, pointed out on Tuesday that it was clearly established that Cvitanovic committed the crime of murder in conjunction with illegal possession of arms, based on the statements of witnesses, experts and material evidence, Avaz web portal wrote.

He particularly recalled the testimonies of Radic's wife as well as his daughter, who saw the accused shooting her father and who clearly and in detail described how the accused had killed him.

The prosecutor emphasized that the accused killed Radic with direct intent, regardless of the fact that, as he stated, neuropsychiatric expertise established that the accused had significantly reduced mental capacity at the time of the murder.

The late Marko Radic was a former Croatian Defence Council officer who was sentenced for crimes against humanity but his sentence was later reduced by a Croatian court.


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