Klitschko: There is no excuse for this war, there is nothing humane about it

NEWS 02.06.2022 21:11
Source: N1

As Russian aggression against Ukraine approaches its 100th day, Ukrainian former professional boxer and currently Ukrainian soldier Wladimir Klitscko speaks to N1, commenting on the allegations of war crimes that Russia committed in his country, the world's response to what is happening in Ukraine, pro-Russian support in the Western Balkans and other related topics. According to him, the world did not seem to learn the lesson from Bosnia and the 1990s but is now realising the "true face" of the war in Ukraine.

Russian aggression against Ukraine is coming to its 100th day. Asked if he was ever prepared for something like this, Klitschko said it was not just him but the whole world that was not prepared for it.

“This is something that healthy mind cannot possibly understand,” said Klitschko adding that what is happening in Ukraine is “horrifying.”

Speaking about the information of 200,000 children being taken from Ukraine to Russia, which Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy mentioned earlier on Thursday, he said it was terrible and that this was a “true face of reality, true face of this war.”

As for the allegations of war crimes and even genocide committed by Russia in Ukraine, he said he was sure that the “truth will always come to the light.”

“The world is realising the true face of this so-called special operation and this war in Ukraine.”

Asked what has the world done wrong to put Ukraine in such position it is now, he reiterated that the world has come to understand the truth about this war and aggression.

“It is not just the war against Ukraine, and between Ukraine and Russia, it's the war against humanity, against the world. Russia vs the world,” he stressed.

Conveying his message to the supporters of Russian aggression against Ukraine in the Western Balkans, Klitschko said that they are being lied to, just like the people in Russia.

“Just open up your eyes, this war is nothing that could possibly be justified. There is no excuse for this war,” he stressed and added:

“My message is: just don't believe the lies, there is nothing humane about it.”

Asked how would he relate to the Bosnians, who experienced the siege, war crimes, genocide during the 1990s, and to the war in Bosnia after which the world said ‘never again’, Klitschko said that this means the world has not learned the lesson.

“I believe with the war in Ukraine, and it must happen eventually, the lesson must be learned.”

Watch the full interview in the video below:


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