Komsic asks NATO, EUFOR to help extinguish wildfires in BiH

NEWS 12.08.2021 14:38
Source: N1

Bosnia’s tripartite Presidency Chairman, Zeljko Komsic, sent a letter to the NATO headquarters in Sarajevo and the EUFOR commander in BiH requesting help, specifically helicopters, for extinguishing the wildfires which are active in the country.

Komsic decided to send the letter after his colleague in the Presidency, Milorad Dodik, did not give consent for the engagement of helicopters of the Armed Forces of BiH, having in mind that according to the Law on Defense all three Presidency members agree in order to engage BiH military resources.


Forests and vegetation is currently burning in inaccessible terrain in the area of the municipality of Jablanica, so local authorities asked for BiH Armed Forces to provide helicopters to help extinguish the wildfire on Thursday morning.

The fire reportedly broke out on Wednesday afternoon near a high-voltage power line, and electric discharge was identified as a cause.


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