Komsic for N1: I don't need Dodik's approval to do my job

NEWS 22.09.2021 21:30
Source: Fena

Bosnian Presidency Chairman Zeljko Komsic said following his address at the 76th UN General Assembly's session on Wednesday that he did not need the approval of Serb Presidency member Milorad Dodik to speak there.

Komsic's response comes after Dodik called his trip a private visit to New York and said that there was no consensus in the Presidency for his attendance in the UN GA session.

Dodik even criticised the UN Secretary-General for accepting Komsic as BiH's official representative, accusing him of involvement in a potential dissolution of the country.

“If I were privately here, I wouldn't have been able to enter the UN (General) Assembly (building) and take the podium. The Chairman of the Presidency of BiH, which is me at this moment, is always here to represent his country in accordance with the Constitution, and I need no Dodik's approval to do my job,” the Presidency Chairman told N1.

The Presidency Chairman also commented on the statement by Croatian President Zoran Milanovic who said following his address at the UN General Assembly that he was also the President of the ethnic Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“Ever since he became the President there has been nothing you could not expect him to do and the question is, who are we dealing with – a charlatan, a person with bad intentions or a charlatan with bad intentions. Everything he says is not only inappropriate for the duty he performs but also for the century we live in,” said Komsic.

Commenting on the High Representative Christian Schmidt's interview for Croatian public broadcaster HRT, in which he said that the Dayton Peace Agreement should not be revised, Komsic said this matter was in the hands of Bosnians and not the international envoy's.

“His mandate is not to change the Constitution but he can impose laws. What I speak about is only the will of the citizens of BiH,” he stressed.


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