Komsic to Milanovic: BiH institutions will decide on elections, not Zagreb

NEWS 18.02.2022 14:13
Željko Komšić
Source: Željko Komšić (Predsjedništvo BiH)

"Gentlemen (Croatian President Zoran) Milanovic and (Prime Minister Andrej) Plenkovic must know that the matter of holding elections is an internal issue of the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina and it will not be decided in Zagreb but by the institutions of BiH that are responsible for conducting the elections BiH Presidency Chairman Zeljko Komsic said Friday, responding to Milanovic’s statement that he would try and prevent the upcoming general elections in Bosnia.

“Any further interference in the electoral process in Bosnia and Herzegovina cannot be understood otherwise than as an attack on democracy in a sovereign and internationally recognized state. As far as NATO is concerned, Bosnia and Herzegovina and its institutions have made relevant decisions in that sense, and BiH's membership in NATO will not be decided in Milanovic's ‘little Moscow,’ but in much more important places.”

Speaking about Bosnia's aspirations for NATO membership, Milanovic suggested Croatia would not allow it because all member states must give their consent to new members, including Turkiye as well as Croatia.

“If Plenkovic and Milanovic think that by humiliating the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina, they will realize their interests in BiH, then they are mistaken,” Komsic concluded in reaction to the allegations of Andrej Plenković and Zoran Milanovic.


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