Konjic authorities ask for deployment of BiH Army helicopter to deal with fire

NEWS 15.07.2022 20:47
Source: N1

The mayor of Konjic, Osman Catic, told N1 that a request was sent to the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the deployment of a helicopter to help put out the large fire that broke out in the Boracko Lake area.

“I expect that the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina will send a request to the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina and that they will allow the helicopter to be deployed. If a helicopter is not deployed, the fire will certainly not be extinguished even in 10 days,” Catic said.


He said that the fire engulfed an area of more than 20 hectares so far.

According to Husein Hodzic, Catic’s assistant tasked with civil protection issues, firefighters have managed to drive away the fire from the homes in the area but are having difficulty putting it under control due to unfavourable terrain.

Here is what N1 recorded in the affected area:


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