Kosovo PM concerned over arming of Serbia

NEWS 12.04.2022 18:11
Aljbin Kurti
Source: Aljbin Kurti (ARMEND NIMANI / AFP)

Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti voiced concern on Monday over the fact that the Serbian authorities are buying weapons.

“Serbia seems to be in a panic because it realizes that it can no longer be in three-four places at once and is trying to strengthen itself so that it can remain alone. The continued arming of Serbia is not harmless to the region and Kosovo but is an expression of fear that they could be left on their own,” the media in Pristina reported Kurti as saying.

He said that Kosovo is not afraid because NATO is there to help. “We are concerned and cautious but we are not afraid. We know that Serbia has 44 military bases along the border with Kosovo and 42 offensive military bases but despite that, even though we are not in NATO, the Alliance is there for us. Kosovo and NATO are part of each other’s history, present and future. By investing in cooperation with our allies, our territory and state and our citizens are safe,” he said.

His words met with condemnation from the head of the Serbian government’s Office for Kosovo Petar Petkovic who said Kurti was falsely accusing Belgrade of destabilization.


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