Lana Pudar qualifies for another final race at the Mediterranean Games

NEWS 04.07.2022 12:29
Source: FENA/KVS Orka

Bosnia's best female swimmer Lana Pudar has reached the finals in the third discipline at the Mediterranean Games in Oran, Algeria. After the finals in the 200 and 50 metres butterfly, the 16-year-old girl has qualified for a new final race, 100-metre butterfly. Pudar achieved the second best time of the semi-finals, following Italian Ilaria Bianchi.

Pudar was ranked as the first swimmer in the second semi-final group with 59:81 time, followed by Mariana Pachecho de Sousa as the second and Anna Ntountouaki as the third competitor.

Bianchi was the first in the other semi-final group with the best time of both groups (59:55). Claudia Tarzia (Italy), Ana Cunha (Portugal) and Carla Hurtado Sirera (Spain) also made it to the finals.

Pudar previously won gold in the 200m butterfly race, which is currently the only gold medal for Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Mediterranean Games. The Bosnian ranked the fifth in the 50-metre butterfly race.

Bosnia’s Lana Pudar wins gold at Mediterranean Games


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