Latest results of repeated election confirm SNSD's victory in Srebrenica, Doboj

NEWS 23.02.2021 16:05
Source: N1

The Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD) is the clear winner in both Srebrenica and Doboj, according to the latest results Bosnia’s election authority published for the repeated local elections that took place in the two towns.

Bosnia's Central Election Commission (CEC) annulled the results of the 2020 local election in Doboj and Srebrenica due to alleged election fraud, and the election was repeated in the two towns on Sunday.


In Doboj, 100 percent of the votes were counted from 106 polling stations, and the SNSD’s candidate, Boris Jerinic, received the most votes for mayor – 21,145 votes or 67.08 percent.

He is followed by Srdjan Todorovic from the Socialist Party with 5,190 votes (16.47 percent) and Cvijan Filipovic with 5,185 votes or 16.45 percent.
As for the City Council, the SNSD received 13,962 votes, or 44 percent. They are followed by the Democratic Alliance (DEMOS, the First Serb Democratic Party) with 2,835 votes, or 8.98 percent.

ll the votes from 28 polling stations were counted as well.

According to the results, the SNSD’s Mladen Grujicic received the most votes for the mayoral post, 67.62 percent or 5.189 votes in total. Second in line is Alija Tabakovic, from the Party of Democratic Action (SDA), with 2,433 votes, or 31.70 percent. Independent candidates Mile Janjic and Aleksandar Simic got less than 30 votes each.

The SNSD won 2,276 votes (29.74 percent) in the Srebrenica Assembly elections. The My Address: Srebrenica initiative, which boycotted the repeat elections, received 2,019 votes (26.39 percent). The Serb Democratic Party (SDS) won 1,033 votes (13.50 per cent) and the Ujedinjena Srpska (United Srpska) won 834 votes, or 10.90 per cent.



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